Fight in full contact fast paced battles with a variety of medieval weapons including swords, spears, arrows, and javelins. All weapons are safely padded for full contact use with no protective equipment required, although padded gloves are recommended. Dagorhir combat rules include epic options like grappling, body checks, shield bashing, strikes, stabs, and even kicking opponents’ shields. Read the full Dagorhir combat rules.


Make your own boffer sword from scratch or maybe an axe or spear. Put together a costume and learn to sew with historic materials. Carve intricate detail into your personal leather armor. All equipment used in combat and many of the costumes are handcrafted. Artisans also offer their craft online or at events if you are in need of weapons, costumes, armor, or other accessories.


Are you a knight in shining armor or maybe a mischievous goblin? Do you look like you stepped off the set of Lord of the Rings or maybe an ancient Celt? Costumes can come from a wide variety of inspiration from fantasy to historical in any time period before the effective use of gunpowder. Research your outfit and make it come alive.


Dagorhir Battle Games has chapters all across the country and thousands of active participants. Chapters host events throughout the year with most weekend events averaging 200 attendees with up to 1600 attendees at the largest event, Ragnarok, in June each year. Events feature battles, tournaments, camping, competitions, parties, and artisan vendors.

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