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Bylaws of Charlotte Dagorhir
1. Definitions
1.1 Charlotte Dagorhir is a chapter of the Dagorhir Battle Games Association (DBGA).
1.2 Charlotte Dagorhir follows the rules of Dagorhir as defined by the Dagorhir Manual of Arms including any changes made at Ragnarok War Council. Charlotte Dagorhir reserves the right to add additional rules or modifications as necessary.
1.3 Charlotte Dagorhir regularly hosts various activities which are open for participation:
1.3.1 Practice – A practice is a local session in which fighters gather to practice for larger events. A practice can include anything from 1 vs. 1 duels to side vs. side melees. Practice battles may also include various scenarios or obstacles. Chapter practice is typically held weekly at the same time and location.
1.3.2 Crafting Session – A crafting session can be a foamsmithing event, garb making event, or other crafting session used to work on Dagorhir gear or garb. Crafting sessions are hosted at will by individual members of the chapter.
1.3.3 Recruiting Event – A recruiting event can be any activity that is done in a public setting to showcase the combat, crafting, or character aspects of Dagorhir.
1.3.4 Day Battle – A day battle is a combined event with nearby chapters which takes place over the course of one day. A day battle may have scenario battles, tournaments, feasts, etc. Day battles typically have 30-50 participants.
1.3.5 Campout Event – A campout event may include all of the activities of a day battle but over the course of a weekend. Campout events are much larger than day battles, with typically 200-300 participants. Campout events usually have a low event fee to cover the cost of camping and facilities (~$30).
2. Membership
2.1 Membership is not required to participate in chapter sponsored activities or events
2.2 Expectations for all participants:
2.2.1 All participants must follow the Dagorhir Code of Conduct (see Appendix A).
2.2.2 In regards to calibration for sufficient force, hit hard and take light. This doesn’t mean that you must take every tap or that you should swing like Conan the barbarian. If your opponent has breached your defense and landed a successful blow, take the hit. Don’t steal from another person’s enjoyment just to live a little longer. Remember that this is only a game, and it’s a game of honor.
2.2.3 All participants should be aware of the safety of their opponents and the condition of the gear which they are using, regardless of if it is a loaner. Inspect your equipment prior to use and be cautious when striking your opponent.
2.3 Expectations for all members:
2.3.1 As representatives of Charlotte Dagorhir, members should represent the chapter in a positive light and be respectful of other participants and members.
2.3.2 Members should aid and instruct new participants when necessary.
2.3.3 Members should wear garb as often as possible and present themselves well.
2.4 Benefits of Membership:
2.4.1 Voting rights
2.4.2 Access to a members-only discussion channel
2.5 Requirements for Membership:
2.5.1 Members must pay dues in the amount of $20 per calendar year.
2.5.2 Combatant members must own a minimum of one set of combat equipment. A set of equipment is defined as a typical set of equipment to be used in competitive combat (e.g. sword and shield, two swords, spear, red weapon, 2 javelins, or a bow and 2 arrows). Non-combatant members who participate in combat for less than one-third of their quarterly attendance are exempt from the equipment requirement.
2.6 Requirements to maintain active membership status:
2.6.1 Members must attend a minimum of one Charlotte Dagorhir sponsored activity within the past 3 months to maintain an active status.
2.7 An inactive member will no longer have access to membership benefits, but may become an active member at any time if the requirements are fulfilled.
2.8 The Executive Director may grant a member a leave of absence, during which that member is exempt from the requirements to maintain active status.
2.9 Membership must be renewed by February 14th each year to maintain membership.
2.10 Membership dues are only refundable to individuals which have been seriously injured or which have relocated outside of the Charlotte, NC metropolitan area during the first 6 months of the fiscal year.
2.11 New members may receive a refund within two weeks after payment.
2.12 Charlotte Dagorhir reserves the right to reject or nullify membership at any time due to criminal activity, criminal history, or violations of the Dagorhir Code of Conduct. This will follow the process described in section 8 Ban and Suspension Process.
3. Administration
3.1 Organization
3.1.1 The Executive Director is responsible for administering, maintaining, and enacting all roles of the Charlotte chapter of DBGA.
3.1.2 The Executive Director may nominate individuals to fulfill the roles and associated officer positions of the Charlotte Dagorhir administration. Nominees must be a current member with dues paid. Nominees must publicly accept the nomination for it to be valid. Nominees are accepted into the position by a simple majority vote of the chapter membership with a quorum of two-thirds. If an appointee is unable to fulfill their role, in whole or in part, they should inform the Executive Director.
3.1.3 The Executive Director may act as a spokesperson for Charlotte Dagorhir as necessary.
3.1.4 The Executive Director may enact policies and initiatives for the chapter such that it does not conflict with the expectations outlined in section 3.2 or these bylaws.
3.2 Expectations of the Executive Director
3.2.1 All officers must meet the same expectations as the Executive Director.
3.2.2 All power granted must be exercised for the benefit of the Charlotte chapter.
3.2.3 The Executive Director should perform their duty to the best of their ability with all due haste when necessary.
3.2.4 The Executive Director may not make a decision which limits or imposes further action by the Charlotte chapter without the approval of the Charlotte Dagorhir membership through the general voting process.
3.2.5 The Executive Director may not put themselves in a position where their personal interests conflict with the interests of the Charlotte chapter.
3.2.6 The Executive Director may not hold an official position with any other organization which engages in medieval reenactment, medieval combat sport, or a similar activity which would compete with Dagorhir Battle Games.
3.3 Roles of the Charlotte Chapter
3.3.1 Executive (Executive Director)
• Develop a roadmap for chapter goals and monitor progress
• Conduct chapter meetings and provide updates to the chapter membership
3.3.2 Operations (Director of Operations)
• Manage Charlotte Dagorhir sponsored activities and events and appoint coordinators as necessary according to section 5 Operation of Charlotte Dagorhir Events
• Designate a camp master, if applicable, to fulfill Section 6 Charlotte Dagorhir Camp Rules
3.3.3 Public Relations (Director of Public Relations)
• Develop and implement promotional strategies for Charlotte Dagorhir
• Manage Charlotte Dagorhir social media and website
• Communicate with media outlets as necessary
3.3.4 Bookkeeping (Secretary)
• Maintain attendance and membership records
• Evaluate members for active status
• Update the Charlotte Dagorhir bylaws when applicable
3.3.5 Financial (Treasurer)
• Collect membership dues and donations
• Distribute authorized funds and publish expenditures
• Maintain a record of all Charlotte Dagorhir transactions and assets
3.3.6 Security (Arbiter)
• Settle disputes between attendees and reject attendees if necessary
• Evaluate complaints against attendees and process these complaints according to section 8 Ban and Suspension Process
3.4 Committees
3.4.1 The function of a committee is to advise the Executive Director and/or the chapter members. A committee may not take any action on their own.
3.4.2 Any member of the chapter may form a committee if they receive a second from another member of the chapter. The Executive Director must be informed when a new committee has been created.
3.4.3 Ownership of each committee will be assigned to the appropriate position of the Charlotte Dagorhir chapter as decided by the Executive Director.
3.4.4 Committees will be run by Robert’s Rules of Order.
3.4.5 Committees may elect a chairman by plurality vote among all committee members. This vote must meet a quorum of three-fourths. A chairman may be removed from their position by the assigned owner.
3.4.6 Committees may have no more than seven members including the chairman.
3.4.7 Membership of the committee may be decided by the assigned owner.
3.4.8 Committees will immediately dissolve once the issue or task has been resolved.
3.5 Use of Chapter Funds
3.5.1 Chapter expenses may be authorized through the voting process.
3.5.2 Financial records for the Charlotte chapter must be publicly accessible.
3.5.3 Funds collected from Charlotte Dagorhir sponsored events will be maintained separately from chapter funds and will be available for subsequent Charlotte Dagorhir events at the discretion of the Executive Director.
3.5.4 In the event of the dissolution of the Charlotte chapter of DBGA, the chapter funds will be divided evenly among the current members to the nearest cent.
3.6 Elections
3.6.1 The Executive Director will be elected each year with a term of one year.
3.6.2 Nominations for the Executive Director may be made during February prior to the start of voting.
3.6.3 Any member of Charlotte Dagorhir may nominate an individual to be the Executive Director.
3.6.4 Requirements for Nomination: Must be a member for the current year with dues paid Must be at least 21 years of age Must have attended at least two campout events with Charlotte Dagorhir and an average of two chapter practices per month during the preceding year
3.6.5 The nominee must publicly accept the nomination to be considered for election.
3.6.6 Nominees must submit a business plan in writing to the Charlotte Dagorhir membership no later than the start of voting. This business plan should cover one full year. Business plans should include strategic goals, specific actions to achieve these goals, and a timeline with milestones to monitor progress.
3.6.7 The current Executive Director reserves the right to reject nominees. A vote to appeal the rejection may be called by any member which has maintained membership for two years prior to the current election term. Only members which have maintained membership for two years prior to the current election term may participate in a vote to appeal a rejection. A vote to appeal a rejection will be open to all qualified members for a period of 48 hours and will be decided by a plurality vote.
3.6.8 Voting for the Executive Director will be open to all current members of Charlotte Dagorhir for seven days during the last week of February.
3.6.9 The election will be decided by a plurality vote.
3.6.10 The presiding Executive Director will transfer their position to the new Executive Director on March 1st.
3.6.11 Control of all Charlotte Dagorhir assets must be transferred in whole to the new Executive Director by March 14th of the same year. This is including but not limited to: Charlotte chapter funds, social media outlets, website, inventory, etc.
3.6.12 The previous Executive Director must relinquish all control of Charlotte Dagorhir assets unless otherwise decided by the incoming Executive Director.
3.7 Termination
3.7.1 The Executive Director may terminate any appointed individual at any time. Termination of an appointed individual may be overturned by the voting membership with a quorum of two-thirds and a vote in favor of three-quarters.
3.7.2 In the event that the Executive Director or an appointed individual does not meet the expectations as described in these bylaws the said individual may be terminated by the chapter membership through the general voting process such that a vote in favor of three-fourths and a quorum of three-fourths is met.
3.7.3 If the chapter is in the absence of an Executive Director, a new Executive Director may be elected to finish the term. This adjunct election must be open for one full week and will be decided by a plurality vote. The new Executive Director will immediately take office after the conclusion of the election.
4. Voting
4.1 Any current member may make a proposal regarding Charlotte Dagorhir
4.2 When making a proposal, the member must provide the full details of the change including the motivation for the change, the current situation, and the proposed situation. For example: “I propose that Charlotte Dagorhir purchase two 100 foot lengths of rope for use at practice to outline scenario battles; this will cost $15. The current chapter funds are $45 and this will reduce the chapter funds to $30.”
4.3 A proposal will be voted on when it has received a second and a third from other members of Charlotte Dagorhir.
4.4 Voting will take place in an accessible method, preferably as an online blind vote.
4.5 Voting will be open for a minimum of 24 hours.
4.5.1 Voting may close sooner than 24 hours if all votes have been received.
4.6 A voting quorum is defined as two-thirds of the current chapter membership.
4.7 A proposal is accepted if at least three-fourths of the votes received are in favor.
4.8 If a quorum is not met during the initial voting period, the proposal has 7 days from the start of voting to meet quorum before it is considered rejected.
5. Operation of Charlotte Dagorhir Events
5.1 General
• Chapter sponsored events (e.g. practice or day battles) are open admittance.
• All attendees must have a signed waiver on file with Charlotte Dagorhir.
• All gear must be checked for safety according to the Dagorhir Manual of Arms.
• Attendees must adhere to all local, state and federal laws.
• Charlotte Dagorhir reserves the right to reject individuals from Charlotte Dagorhir sponsored events on the grounds of attendee safety, illegal activity, criminal history, violation of the code of conduct, or for any other reason deemed hazardous to the event attendees.
5.2 Event Coordinator
• Act as the lead coordinator for the event
• Plan and publish an event itinerary including the battles, tournaments, etc.
• Request funding from the chapter as necessary
• Provide a handout with the event itinerary to be distributed at the event
• Keep track of the event to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time
• Prompt other coordinators to make announcements prior to and at the event
• Communicate with the venue owners and other involved parties as necessary
5.3 Battle Coordinator
• Select, plan, and set-up battles for the event
• Recruit and train heralds as necessary and keep them informed
• Make announcements during the event for upcoming battles
• Monitor the battles to make sure everything runs smoothly
• Assist heralds if there is a conflict
5.4 Tournament Coordinator
• Select, plan, and set-up tournaments for the event
• Make announcements during the event for tournaments
• Track tournament progress and brackets
• Choose and award tournament prizes
5.5 Arts & Sciences Coordinator
• Plan and organize the Arts & Sciences exhibition
• Promote the Arts & Sciences exhibition prior to the event to motivate participants
• Collect submissions from participants and set-up displays at the event
• Make announcements during the event for Arts & Sciences
5.6 Feast Coordinator
• Select food for the event and plan accordingly for the number of guests
• Prepare a budget for what will be purchased and submit to the event coordinator
• Bring food and necessary items for the feast and set-up the feast table
• Make announcements during the event for the feast
• Stand-by at the feast to ensure everyone gets to eat
5.7 Waivers and Sign-in
• Ask every participant to complete a waiver form
• Keep a list of event attendees
• Collect donations and event fees (if applicable)
5.8 Greeter
• Greet walk-ons that are interested and hand out fliers
• Greet new players and direct people to sign-in
• Explain the Dagorhir rules to new players and show them the loaner weapons
5.9 Herald
• The priorities of a herald are to keep players safe, keep the battle moving, and enforce the game rules in that order.
• Stop the battle when necessary by calling “KNEEL”
• Call for a medic in the event of an injury by calling “MEDIC”
• Monitor fighters for safety and inform them if they are being unsafe
• Keep the battle moving and don’t stop the fight unless necessary
• Intervene to enforce the game rules only when necessary
• Answer questions from players about the game rules
• Pull fighters aside if there is a conflict or issue and discuss respectfully
• Heralds may remove a fighter from the field if necessary
5.10 Security
• Settle disputes between attendees and reject attendees if necessary
• Evaluate complaints against attendees and process these complaints according to section 8 Ban and Suspension Process
5.11 Medic
• Provide first aid as needed to participants at chapter sponsored events
• Medics must have a current certification to practice first aid or otherwise have a current medical license.
• Medics can only provide first aid and are constrained by the Good Samaritan law
• Medics cannot give any medications, set bones, suture, or give IV fluids
5.12 Gear Check (Weapon/Missile/Shield/Armor)
• Weapons/Missile Check as applicable for Blue/Red/Green/Yellow/White
o Check that all foam is covered
o Check for a cloth weapon cover per the MoA (yellow for javelins only)
o Check the cover for “dog ears” or loose corners at the tip
o Check for colored tape indicating the weapon type
o Check for minimum blade length and haft padding as applicable per the MOA
o Check that there are no “sweet spots” where the foam is pre-compressed or otherwise core can be felt through the foam
o Check that the pommel, blade, tip, and/or head are secured
o Check the tip, pommel, and crossguard (if applicable) for template
o Check for length, flex, weight, or circumference as applicable per the MoA
o Hit check blues weapons with one hand and red weapons with two hands using light, medium, and hard hits
o Hit check green weapons with one hand for weapons shorter than 4ft and two hands for weapons longer than 4ft using light, medium, and hard hits
o Hit check yellow weapons at full draw/force from 20 feet away
• Shield Check
o Check that all foam is covered
o Check that the shield can be carried as a shield
o Check the maximum width and height of the shield according to the MoA
o Check the shield for any rigid protrusions which could cause an injury
o The shield shall not “taco” where two edges can be bent to touch
o Check the edging and face for appropriate padding
• Armor Check
o Check for any rigid protrusions or sharp edges which could cause an injury
o Check armor according to the requirements as specified in the MoA
• Gear Check may reject any gear that is deemed unsafe
• Mark passing or failed gear as required
6. Charlotte Dagorhir Camp Rules
6.1 Charlotte Dagorhir attends Dagorhir events which are sponsored by other chapters of Dagorhir. Event attendees must follow all event rules in addition to the Charlotte Dagorhir camp rules.
6.2 General Rules
6.2.1 Act with common decency, represent Charlotte Dagorhir in a positive light, and be respectful of other camp members and guests of the camp.
6.2.2 Keep all common areas clear of personal items. Items which have been left out after the start of battles or after nightfall may be placed in a storage bin (“the tub of shame”) or discarded.
6.2.3 Properly dispose of your own trash. Food plates, bowls, and utensils must be put away immediately after you are done using them.
6.2.4 Do not burn trash in the fire. The fire pit may be used by other members for cooking, please be respectful.
6.2.5 To provide a better camp for everyone, each camp member must pick a camp duty for the event. No one is obligated to remind you of your duties; it is your responsibility to complete them.
6.2.6 All individuals camping with Charlotte Dagorhir must adhere to all local, state, and federal laws. This includes but is not limited to: no underage drinking or possession of illegal substances.
6.3 Camp Member Rights
All camp members have the right to feel comfortable within the campsite. In accordance with the Dagorhir Code of Conduct, the following rights are allowed to camp members at their discretion.
6.3.1 The camp master has the right to reject any non-member from the camp at any time, for any reason.
6.3.2 Camp members have the right to reject any non-member from the camp, but they must inform the camp master as soon as possible.
6.3.3 Anyone rejected from the camp will not be permitted into the camp for the remainder of the event unless given explicit permission from the camp master.
6.3.4 If there is an issue between members of the camp, please discuss the issue with the camp master. The camp master has the right to expel a camp member from the camp if necessary.
6.4 Camp Duties
• Camp Master – Responsible for the administration of camp and enforcement of the camp rules. Decide how to set-up camp, where tents should be placed, common areas, and any other decision regarding the layout and location.
• Traceless – Responsible for the tidiness of camp and disposal of all trash. Traceless is not responsible for the personal trash of other camp members, and has the authority to request other camp members to dispose of their own trash.
• Light Watch – Responsible for filling and lighting the torches prior to dusk.
• Fire Keeper – Responsible for getting firewood and starting the camp fire. Firewood may be collected from the site or purchased. If the latter is necessary, the fire keeper may collect funds from other camp members.
• Sentinel – Responsible for erecting and maintaining the camp walls as well as taking them down at the end of the event.
• Breakfast Cook – (if applicable) Responsible for cooking breakfast and washing all of the cooking gear that they used prior to dinner.
• Dinner Cook – (if applicable) Responsible for cooking dinner and washing all of the cooking gear that they used prior to dusk.
• Event Volunteer – Aid the event coordinators in running the event. The specific task must be noted during sign-up (e.g. weapons checker or battle herald). If multiple people are assigned to the same camp duty, then they are each responsible for coordinating with each other and must each contribute to complete the task.
6.5 Camp Meal Plan
6.5.1 A meal plan may be offered for camp members to participate in. This is on a per event basis and the costs will be discussed prior to the event.
6.5.2 The meal plan is not a buffet. Only take your allotted servings and allow everyone else who is participating in the meal plan to eat before taking more.
6.5.3 If you are cooking for the group, you must wash or sanitize your hands prior to cooking. Please do your best to keep the food sanitary.
6.6 Penalties
The camp master may dictate the following penalties and/or involve the appropriate authorities as necessary.
6.6.1 Failure to follow the Charlotte Dagorhir camp rules may result in the following:
• Sing a song selected by the other camp members
• Public recitation of the Charlotte Dagorhir camp rules
• Sold into slavery at the next event
• Temporary or permanent ban from camping with Charlotte Dagorhir
6.6.2 Failure to follow the event rules may result in the following:
• Expulsion from the Charlotte Dagorhir camp for the remainder of the event
• Temporary or permanent ban from camping with Charlotte Dagorhir
• Expulsion or ban from the event by the event coordinators
7. Code of Conduct
7.1 The Dagorhir Code of Conduct (see appendix A) is applicable for all Charlotte Dagorhir activities, events, online resources (Facebook, Discord, website, etc.), national Dagorhir online resources, and personal social media.
8. Ban and Suspension Process
8.1 Definitions:
8.1.1 Suspension: A temporary revocation of an individual’s privilege to attend and/or participate in Charlotte Dagorhir events or activities. A Suspension is a discretionary "ban" that can have a duration of up to 2 years at the discretion of the Executive Director.
8.1.2 Chapter Ban: A permanent revocation of an individual’s privilege to attend and/or participate in Charlotte Dagorhir events.
8.1.3 Game-wide Ban – A permanent revocation of an individual’s privilege to attend and/or participate in Dagorhir events in any chapter.
8.2 The Executive Director or the Arbiter may suspend an individual from Charlotte Dagorhir events or activities at any time.
8.3 The membership may ban or suspend an individual through the voting process such that a vote in favor of three-fourths and a quorum of three-fourths is met.
8.4 A completed Dagorhir Ban and Suspension Rubric must be submitted to the chapter membership before a vote to suspend or ban an individual may be called. The form must be completed, but does not dictate the final decision.
8.4.1 The Dagorhir Ban and Suspension Rubric must be accepted by the membership with a simple majority vote and a quorum of two-thirds to be considered valid.
8.4.2 This rubric will be kept on file by the chapter regardless of the decision made.
8.5 A chapter member may request that the details of the incident are kept confidential between the Director and the chapter officers. The Director and chapter officers will then complete the rubric and will only divulge the color code for each category.
8.6 Once a vote has been decided by the membership, any decision made by the Executive Director is superseded regarding the incident in question.
8.7 The membership may also decide to extend a request to the DBGA for a game-wide ban against the individual if this proposal was included in the original vote. Otherwise, this may also be done with another vote under the same terms.
8.8 All other processes regarding Bans and Suspensions will be done according to the Dagorhir Ban and Suspension Process (See Appendix B).
9. House Rules (Modifications to the Dagorhir Manual of Arms)
9.1 Pivoting – When a fighter has lost their leg, they may pivot on that leg where the knee of the lost leg does not bend when moving. In doing so, the fighter accepts that a strike to the lost leg will count as a regular hit. (This rule is in modification to rule 6.4 of the Dagorhir MoA)
Appendix A
Dagorhir Chapters Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct applies to all attendees and members of Dagorhir functions and events. By attending a Dagorhir event, every participant agrees to abide by this code of conduct.
Definitions of terms:
Dagorhir: All sanctioned Dagorhir chapters
Dagorhir Officials: Anyone acting as a coordinator/medic/volunteer of an event, function, or gathering on behalf of the chapter, or is an appointed or elected official of record for said chapter. Dagorhir Officials are committed to ensuring a fun, safe, and respectful environment for all attendees/members. To achieve this, all participants must refrain from actions that would limit or threaten another individual’s safe enjoyment of the event by another person’s or societal standards.
Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at Dagorhir events or on official Dagorhir online resources including but not limited to websites, forums, Facebook groups, etc. If you are informed your behavior is negatively affecting another attendee or member, you must stop.
Harassment includes but is not limited to:
• Offensive verbal comments concerning race; color; sex; national origin; religion; social origin; disability; relationship status; gender identity; physical appearance or body size
• Deliberate intimidation
• Following
• Stalking
• Restraint (i.e. disallowing an individual to leave or exit an area)
• Assault / battery
• Inappropriate physical contact
• Unwelcome physical attention
• Unwelcome verbal (cat calling) / physical (rubbing/bumping) / visual (flashing) conduct of a sexual nature
• Sustained camp/event/function disruption
• Criminal conduct including, but not limited to Hate Speech, Rape, Sexual Assault, Lewd Conduct, Physical Bullying, and Physical Assault.
Attendees who are asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. If they do not, immediate corrective action shall be taken by Dagorhir Officials.
Informed consent is required for any activity, by any individual. You can withdraw consent at any moment you feel uncomfortable. Just because you consent one time does not mean you consent to any future act. When intoxicated, an individual cannot legally consent; an individual who is unconscious cannot consent and all consent given before becoming unconscious is revoked.
Reporting Harassment
Anyone can report harassment at any time. If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact a Dagorhir Official immediately so that the matter can be handled in an expeditious manner.
Reporting Safety Concerns and/or Medical Emergencies
If you are having or witness a safety concern or medical emergency, seek out a Dagorhir Official immediately. Try not to leave someone with an emergency alone; if possible, instruct someone close by to get help. This may include, but is not limited to calling 911, getting event staff, or just yelling for help.
All calls to 911 must be reported to the Dagorhir Officials as quickly as possible after making the call. (Event staff and site staff need to know when and why Emergency Responders are showing up at events.)
Procedure for Handling of Reported Issues
Dagorhir Officials are dedicated to creating a fair and expedient means of dealing with any and all instances that are brought to our attention. All attendees/members will be given an opportunity to give their version of events before any action is taken by Dagorhir Officials.
After all the information regarding an incident is collected, Dagorhir Officials will decide on disciplinary action if such action is deemed necessary. Dagorhir Officials will decide on the appropriate course to take depending on the situation.
Depending on the severity of the incident, disciplinary action for violations of this code of conduct may include, but are not limited to the following:
• Explanations and/or warnings
• Mediation between involved parties
• Moving individual(s) or groups to a different location
• Removal from the current event/function without reimbursement
• Barred from attending Dagorhir events/functions temporarily or permanently
• Other action as deemed appropriate by the Dagorhir Officials in charge
If an incident that is reported to Dagorhir Officials involves a suspected crime against a person, the Dagorhir Officials will report the incident to the police immediately.
This policy is meant to provide added protection for our members and event attendees. Nothing in this policy should ever be interpreted to deter any participant from seeking legal advice or making a report to the local authorities if they deem it necessary.

Revision History

DateDescription of Change(s)Revising Party
5/22/2018CreatedTim Smith (Bro’gar)
6/7/2018Revised after Chapter ReviewTim Smith (Bro’gar)
8/16/2018Added section 4.5.1
Changed dues to $20 from $45
Changed weapon requirement to 1 set from 2 sets
Tim Smith (Bro’gar)